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Our story

Natuluru was started by a couple who, after travelling the word for a year and seeing all the ecological issues (we saw lots of amazing stuff, too!), wanted to start making a change and helping to save our planet. 

Natuluru has a very simple philosophy: 

  • Use eco-friendly products as much as possible, 
  • Aim for a zero waste life (but start with less waste), 
  • Show people how eco-friendly products are healthier for your body, 
  • Prove that many everyday products can be replaced with an environmentally friendly option for the same price. So why not be eco? 

We don’t judge, and we know that every situation is different. Not everyone is able to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle at the drop of a hat. That’s why on our blog you’ll find many different tips on how to start living an eco life without having to make drastic changes. We want to prove that an eco or zero waste lifestyle doesn’t have to be more expensive – and in fact, it could even help to save you some money. 

 “Nature is my religion. The earth is my temple.”

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